How much is membership?

Professional membership is $200* for 12 months. Your membership will expire 12 months from the date you pay the membership fee.  Click here for more information.

*This does not include suggested donations to the NY Chapter Scholarship Fund or National Annual Giving Campaign, which are optional.

When is my membership activated?

Your membership is activated when payment is received, processed, and “pending credit card approval”. NABA NY will mail you confirmation that we have received and processed your membership information. Please keep in mind that it takes a while to process credit card payments, so you may receive an email subsequent to the confirmation, requesting additional payment information if for some reason your credit card information was not approved for payment.

Why should I pay my membership dues each year?

You should pay your membership dues so that you will be a member in good standing for the current fiscal year. A member in good standing shall be those members on National Offices records and that are paid as of October 31 of each fiscal year. As a member in good standing, you are able to take part and vote in NABA elections. Also, you are may be eligible to purchase discounted registration rates to Annual Conventions.

Why should I include my address, email address, etc. on the application?

You need to include all of that information so that we can send you information on our upcoming events. NABA communications are sent out via emails and snail-mail, so it is imperative that you include all relevant information to receive information on our events.

Can I be affiliated with more than one NABA chapter?

Yes, you may be affiliated with more than one NABA chapter, but you have to pay an additional $50 fee for every other chapter you want to be affiliated with. Fifty ($50) dollars of your membership dues goes to your local chapter and the other part goes to NABA’s National Office.

How can I become more active within my local NABA NY chapter?

To become more active within the local NABA NY chapter, please visit our Membership page to find out about the various committees’ that make up our organization. Once you have found a committee of interest, you can send an email to the contact person stating your desire to become more active. If you still have questions, then send an email to