July 1st marked the start of another exciting year for the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. New York Chapter (NABA NY).   We hope to continue the momentum we gained over the last few years in building a strong program of diverse initiatives and events for our members and corporate partners.  In the new fiscal year, our programs will center around “NABA NY – Our Commitment to Service”.  As part of our commitment to service, in 2015, NABA NY will:

  • Serve our Members - through effective programming, sponsorship and increased corporate partnerships
  • Serve our Partners - through effective relationships, communications, events and increased membership
  • Serve our Community - through partnerships with other non-profits and corporate partners to increase our presence in the community and gain visibility within New York State

As part of our service commitment, we need your help, and here are some of the things that you can do.

► Make sure you have renewed your dues!  The application form is on our website CLICK HERE to join or renew.

► Bring in one new member.  More than one is great, but just bringing one significantly increases our membership.  Increased membership increases our value proposition, brand and relevance.

► Be a NABA ambassador within your company.  CLICK HERE to review our 2014 Year-in-Review and share it within your company.

► Attend our events.  Our partners want to see us!

For our Lifetime Members, Thank You!

I hope I can count on your leadership, experience, and commitment to service to continue to build NABA NY!

Rosalind P. Danner
NABA, Inc. NY Chapter President